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reducing traveling costs to the fullest - the fit world traveller
In terms of further reducing cost while travelling I will discuss now my findings in regard to the 4 potential savings variables I came out with in an earlier chapter. Remember, the 4 savings points were: #1 hotel quality; #2 1-by-1 booking; #3 getting more active; and #4 eating local. #1 lowering hotel quality. This is by far the most successful decision I made. In my few years of traveling solo and booking at low category hotels, I never ever had any bad experience that made me regret this...

bingo! I made it! a health new approach - the fit world traveller
Back to my busy travelling life, even though I was already experiencing for some time weight loss because of my new nomadic mixed healthier lifestyle, it was really during my trip to Hong kong, back in January 2013, when stepping on top of that scale made me realised that " I was a much healthier person when I travel. Traveling was the perfect ally"

Planning the next trip - the fit traveller blog
Conscious about how expensive traveling can be, since I planned to do my next trips entirely by my own and I was not sure how long it would take me, I realised one of the most important things to do was to reduce my traveling cost as much as I could. One thing I kind of promised myself long time ago was that I would try to avoid bag-packing. I really have nothing against that kind of traveling many people practise i guess to save money. It has to do more with the fact that I really really need...

taking the big decision - the fit world traveller blog
I temporary moved my residency to Spain and my return back to normal life didn’t last long. After a few days I was back on a plane, travelling to Asia for a second time. My first experience there was fascinating and wanted to try again. Every time I went back home my friends and family assumed already I will be back to traveling soon. They knew I really loved this life. At that time I could not actually say if I was really living in Europe because I was longer traveling abroad. "My wings were...

Opening my eyes - the fit world travel blog
Trapped in an US airport because of bad weather and on my way to office in Canada, I realised what my life was supposed to be. My whole perspective of traveling changed. I really enjoyed traveling even if I had to be retained over night at the airport. For me "facing this sort of unexpected situations was much more exciting that the typical going to office from 8am-5pm" I thought I had better things to do with my time, like for example, adventuring more. I envisioned a new future: "I will leave...

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