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Welcome to "The Fit World Traveller", a just released merged Blog and Online Book Series based on a true story. The inspiration to write this book comes from years of business traveling and quite a few trips around the world as a new lifestyle. The book serial section will reveal deep thoughts about the reasons why the author quitted his previous job as a scientist and why he transformed into a compulsive world traveller, experiencing wonderful new adventures and learnings. 1% of the times the author will use fiction names, dates or places for matching purposes. During years of traveling the author further developed a great interests for the online world. He will introduce you some websites and tools he have been creating in order to be mentally active while traveling. The author will show you how to create a website and index it high in google (SEO) so that you could create your own website for fun or business purposes. Furthermore, he will show you enough scientific evidence that traveling and getting healthy are mutually complementary and he will show you his objectives, experience and achievements on this matter. As for the blog section, we will add regularly posts or blogs related to his two big life passions: traveling and health.

NOTE: The book series section is only a project so far that will be completed depending on the audience. For this matter we set up a message link in this website and some social media pages where potential users can show interest for coming up chapters. If all chapters were to be completed, there will be a printed copy that can be preordered by following the links provided in this page.

Hope you like it!
-The Fit World Traveller-

I'm a world adventurer


Take a moment of your busy time and imagine a guy who while traveling to every place he always wanted to go, he also sees and enjoys all the amazing things that he ever dreamed to do. Imagine a guy who is more fit, healthier and stronger than before. Now imagine both of those things happening to the same guy at the same time! Could you imagine that? then you know now who I am


I've left my heart in so many places

What I became

Healthier and fitter


Losing weight while traveling actually happened naturally. Though I was conscious of my unhealthy weight and I was actually trying my best to lose some kg, I never imagined traveling would be such a good ally. Stepping on top of that scale at that time made me realised I am a much healthier person when I travel. The combination of eating better, sleeping better and the daily adventure without even noticing, were the three magic ingredients for my Ideal Weight success during this endless trip

Every hundred feet of the world have changed me


The solution is on you

This is not about following any pointless New Year’s resolution or getting into any fake diet that soonner or later you will end up leaving. This is all about making the right decisions to really improve your life. It is all about having the right mindset to get rid of strong attachments and start improving your life for a new you with a better physical and emotional health. Well! You also need some savings but either way
"You can be the way you want"

health road weight loss progress Traveling and health. X-axis = weight(kg); Y-axis time(years). The number of arrows has been reduced for clarity. Click on the pic above to see a picture summary of this transformation.

223 lbs (101kg)(BMI 31.9 Obese)

(Aug 2012 - Madrid, Spain)

174 lbs (79kg)(BMI 24.9 Normal)

(Ene 2013 - Hong Kong)

159 lbs (72kg)(BMI 22.8 Normal+SAFE ZONE)

But not enough:)
(May 2013 - Bangkok, Thailand)

Currently 145 lbs (66kg)(BMI 20.8)

(Last seen: see map bellow)
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I can't give you a travel budget but in the meantime I created this free app to help you stay fit ;-)

In the middle of a long journey into knowing myself

Where I've been?

where the fit world traveller has been
22% of the world traveled ... and many more places coming

Where I am now?

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